Kelly doing #LAICF and more Afterbuzz!

Kelly will be in the stand up comedy competition at iO West this coming Monday, June 2nd, at 11:30. Tickets are only $5. If she wins she advances to the next round and if she wins that she wins $250 and Kelly is currently poor and would like that money.

She will also be co-hosting Afterbuzz TV’s “Leftovers” after show. Yup so that’s THREE after shows you can catch her on. Like reality tv? Watch her do “Catfish,” like pirates and/or John Malkovitch watch her co-host the “Crossbones” one or like dramatic HBO or Showtime shows watch the “Leftovers” one. YES, YES, YES. SHE IS EVERYWHERE.

“Leftovers” and “Crossbones” will be on Sundays and “Catfish” is Wednesdays, in case you were wondering.