TV Scripts
Sketch Scripts

TV and Film Scripts

Difficult People – Hulu Comedy
Sample and script available upon request.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Fox Comedy
Spec Sample

My Name is Earl – Former NBC Comedy
Spec Sample

Fellow Americans – Original Comedy Pilot
Former President Frank Hall is trying to deal with life after presidency and his crazy family.
Pilot Sample

Job Quitters – Original Comedy Pilot
‘Girls’ meets ‘Corporate.’ Job Quitters follows four female roommates who decide to work odd jobs to see how long they’ll last while not necessarily following all of the rules. All this while still dealing with the typical dilemmas for twenty something girls, but from dating to partying to actually working — the girls always find themselves mixed in some sort of crazy adventure.
Pilot Sample
Accolades for Job Quitters:
– Won Best Pilot at the Script and Storyboard Showcase, Las Vegas Screenplay Competition, and Film Daily
– Semi-finalist for CineFest
– Runner up for the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition
– Finalist for the New York Short Film and Screenplay Competition

Full scripts of of spec and pilots are available upon request.

Sketch Scripts

“Hipster Workout” – wrote, directed, and starred in.
Final Video

– “The Call” – wrote, directed, and starred in. (Formerly titled “Kidnapped”)
Final Video


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