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  1. Read about your post on LinkedIn… bringer shows etc…
    My name is Dave Archer, I have a company called Archer Edutainment in Toronto, Canada.

    I’m not doing as much comedy now but still do from time to time as I am creating, writing, and producing training video productions now, and/or training sales performance workshops, golf performance workshops.

    But it was my comedic ways that got me out of the bars, bringer type shows (I’m talking 10 years ago….) – but it was my humour, not slap stick that warmed people up, made them feel comfortable and relaxed and I got more corporate work…. bigger money that helped me to get on my way. I had different horizons, forgive me.

    But this is how I got away from the open mic’s and the trap of bringer show’s…. so, for what its worth, just letting you know to sell yourself to the corporate gigs….

    BTW, I’m Canadian, older than most, 57 now, but I watched your Bieber video…. in the right audience – you gotta get that out there… so read below, give it a try, and good luck, you’ve got talent.

    Call up chamber of commerce’s, as well as corporations directly to their sales, marketing and event divisions, especially The CEO’s office’s and ask to speak with the executive assistants of those CEO’s or Presidents, as well as human resources and training divisions, event planners, golf course’s, trade show centres and the like, introduce yourself, describe what you do, what you’re trying to do and if they need a comedian to open up an event, lighten the room, “warm up act”, dinner entertainment and if they think you might be able to fit into their schedule somewhere ? Even Emcee the event?

    Its worth $500.00 and up pending your material. Get 50% – 30 day prior to appearing non-refundable booking deposit, plus travel (landed travel costs) and 50% either before you go on stage, or after you leave the stage.

    You should be busy with the Bieber bit. Sell yourself north of your border….

    Again…. good luck.

    Dave Archer
    Toronto, Canada

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