New Stand Up Shows.

Kelly will be performing at:
-May 7th: 11pm Boyband at the Improv Space in Westwood
-May 29th: 8:30pm Free for All Fridays at the Now Theatre in Silverlake
-June 8th: 10pm TGISketch at the Clubhouse in Los Feliz

Also remember the next Permission Slip is May 6th and it’s every other Wednesday, 9pm, at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock!

New Afterbuzz Show.

Kelly forgot to post this but she is the new co-host of AfterBuzz TV’s “Silicon Valley” after show. Peep the most recent episode here:

So clear out your Sunday and check out the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” at 6:30pm, “Silicon Valley” at 9pm and “SNL” at 10pm! (All PST).

More Showzzzz!

Permission Slip is all new next week, April 22nd, at 9pm in All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock!

Kelly will also be performing at Flapper’s Main Room, Thursday April 30th at 10pm.

Kelly’s improv team, Risky Biscuits will also be performing a bunch of dates:
– Monday, April 20th, at 8pm for the MSW Rude Mondays Show at the Complex
– Tuesday, April 21st at 9:30pm for HMS Death at the Complex
– Thursday, April 23rd at 8:30 for Where Eagles Dare
+ more but they’re in May so I’ll let you know laterrr.

Kelly’s other all ladies improv team Darla will be performing at:
This Sunday 10pm at the upstairs of the Clubhouse!

All of these shows are free except the Flapper’s one so try to come out and laugh a little!