Kelly Marie McInerney

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 5’6”

Secret Life of Girls                Supporting                  Growing Stage Theatre
Wiseacre Farms                     Lead                           13th Street Repertory

Film, Television, and New Media
Siriously?                                                  Lead                            Two Drink Minimum
The Call                                                     Lead                             Richard Pictures
Hipster Workout                                    Lead                             Richard Pictures
The Do’s and Don’ts                             Supporting                Red Handed Sketch
“We the People”                                     Featured                    Entertainment Studios
Rapture                                                      Supporting                Royal 11 Films
Where Coats Go to Die                          Lead                             BudZ Productions
Secret                                                          Lead                             Visual Arts Productions

Axe Hair Gel                                              Supporting                    MTV Productions

“Spotlight On”                                            Host                             AfterBuzz TV
“Scream Aftershow”                                 Host                            AfterBuzz TV
“SNL Aftershow”                                        Host                           AfterBuzz TV

Heaven Inc.                                            Supporting                    Dylan Callens Productions

Sketch Comedy
Big Boned                                              Cast Member                Straitjacket Society

Risky Biscuits                       Team Member               Independent Improv Team (LA based)
Rainbow Road                     Team Member                Independent Improv Team (LA based)
Green Light District              House Team Member     Neon Venus Theatre

Improv 101 – 401                                                   Upright Citizens Brigade, NY and LA
BA in Communications, Minor in Theatre Arts        Marymount Manhattan College

Stand Up Comedy Festivals
Black Box Comedy Festival in Atlanta, GA
Blue Whale Comedy Festival in Tulsa, OK
Lady Laughs Comedy Festival in Madison, WI
Big Fire Comedy Festival in Santa Clarita, CA

Special Skills
– Performs stand up comedy regularly throughout Los Angeles and New York City.
– Plays ukulele and guitar
– Very active with running, cycling, weight training, and swimming.

Download My Resume.
Download My Headshot

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