More showz.

  • Monday, February 8th at 9pm – Bamboozled at the Canby in Reseda, CA
  • Tuesday, February 9th at 9:30pm – No Bueno Comedy Show at the Den on Sunset
  • Wednesday, February 10th at 9pm – Sunset Beast at Brix in Sunset Beach, CA
  • Thursday, February 11th at 7:30 – Canteen Points at The Good Nite in Noho, CA
  • Tuesday, February 16th at 10pm – Petie’s Place in Tarzana, CA
  • Wednesday, February 17th at 9pm – Permission Slip at Koda Sushi in Los Feliz

All are freeeeeeeee!


Some shows.

Shows this week:
– Spilling some PG-13 jokes at Valley College on Tuesday, 12/8, no masturbation jokes allowed, going to be FUNNNN at 6pm.
– Getting festive and performing some holiday jokes at Ladies Stand Up Comedy @ Second City on Wednesday, 12/9,‚Äč got some free tickets too, 8pm.
– Doing a typical Kelly McInerney style set at Belly Room East at Rafa’s on Thursday, 12/10 and that’s always a free show so bing boom.

Come out!

New York Shows!

Kelly is back east for two weeks so come see her at these shows:

– Thursday, August 27th, 9pm: Brick City Comedy Review
Kilkenny Alehouse in Newark

– Monday, August 31st, 6pm: Giggle Pit Comedy
Kilmat Lounge in NYC

– Tuesday, Sept 1st, 8pm: Amazingtown
Bunga’s Den in NYC

– Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 8pm: Brooklyn Summer Camp in Brooklyn