IMDweed Podcast!

Hey everyone, Kelly has started a podcast with her pal Jessica Androsky called IMDweed! New episodes every Tuesday! We go to the movies stoned and then discuss the movie immediately after. The first episode has no guest, just the two of us talking about Beauty and the Beast, check it out on Soundcloud!

SXSW Articles+ Anchor Channel!

Hey everyone! As you know, Kelly went to SXSW to cover it for Cinelinx. Here are the articles she’s written for some of the films that premiered there:

Kelly also created an Anchor station where she just talks about the funny but annoying things women have to deal with and just other stuff like that, listen to it and download the app here.


Writing update!

Hi guys! Kelly has updating her writing section where she has put a sample of the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” spec script she wrote along with a sample of the pilot script she wrote called “Job Quitters.”

She also has a variety of shows coming up so keep checking that show section!