New York Shows!

Kelly is back east for two weeks so come see her at these shows:

– Thursday, August 27th, 9pm: Brick City Comedy Review
Kilkenny Alehouse in Newark

– Monday, August 31st, 6pm: Giggle Pit Comedy
Kilmat Lounge in NYC

– Tuesday, Sept 1st, 8pm: Amazingtown
Bunga’s Den in NYC

– Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 8pm: Brooklyn Summer Camp in Brooklyn

More shows!

Kelly will be performing stand up at the Wheely Big Show at Shakey Town Live in Noho on July 6th at 9pm. Tickets are $5.

She’ll also be performing at the PUI (Performing under the influence) show on Friday, July 24th at 10pm. At PUI comedians perform one sober set and then get wasted and perform another set under the influence.

MORE Stand Up Shows + Comedy Festival!

Kelly will be doing the Speakeasy Comedy Show tonight at 8pm, peep the info here.

Then she’ll be hostingĀ Permission Slip Comedy at 9pm with a killer lineup, peep that info here.

On Friday at 9:30 she’ll be performing at Flapper’s in the Yoohoo Room.

Then Monday at 10pm she’ll be doing standup at TGISketch, peep that info here.

Next Wednesday if you’re in the Bakersfield area Kelly will be performing a 30 minute setĀ at McMurphy’s.

Also Kelly was accepted into the Blue Whale Comedy festival in Tulsa, OK June 18-21st, she’s not sure what day she’ll be performing yet but she’ll let you know!

New Stand Up Shows.

Kelly will be performing at:
-May 7th: 11pm Boyband at the Improv Space in Westwood
-May 29th: 8:30pm Free for All Fridays at the Now Theatre in Silverlake
-June 8th: 10pm TGISketch at the Clubhouse in Los Feliz

Also remember the next Permission Slip is May 6th and it’s every other Wednesday, 9pm, at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock!