Here’s a list of Kelly’s stand up shows coming up:

  • 10pm on Feb 17th — Homegrown Comedy at Westside Comedy in Santa Monica
  • 8pm on Feb 20th — Romes Kingdom in Sherman Oaks, CA
  • 8pm on Feb 22nd — Newark, NJ TBA
  • ? on Feb 22nd — Friends and Family in New York, NY
  • 11:30pm on March 3rd — 12 Shiny Nickels at Westside Comedy
  • 9:30 on March 6th — Spit Bucket at the Gatsby in Austin, TX
  • 8pm on March 7th — Oasis Brewing Show in Austin, TX
  • 8pm on March 8th — Hop and Grain in Austin, TX
  • March 9th — 7:30pm Treehouse at Austin Java Barton Springs in Austin, TX
  • March 9th — Coldtowne in Austin, TX
  • March 10th — Chortle Portal in Austin, TX
  • 9pm on March 18th — Heavy Heavy Low Low at Bar Lubitsch
  • March 19th — Fringe at Public House in LA
  • March 23rd — 11pm at Clubhouse Cabaret in LA
  • March 25th — Friendship Buddies at Verdugo Bar in LA
  • March 27th — Roast Battle w/Ashley Johnson at The Comedy Store
  • March 29th to 31st — BIRD CITY COMEDY FEST IN PHOENIX, AZ
  • April 16th — 8pm Mickys in Weho
  • April 30th — Barney’s in Pasadena